Natural Remedies For Psoriasis—5 Strategies You Can Try For Relief

Psoriasis is a disease of the skin that is uncomfortable for many to live with. The medical world can’t figure out why some peopleNatural Psoriasis Treatmenmt have this ailment, and because of that, there is no way to find a cure. All a person can hope for is relief when flare-ups happen. Natural remedies for psoriasis can help alleviate some of the discomfort. Here are 5 strategies you can try for relief when your psoriasis flares up.

Burdock Root—has been used often as a remedy for severe dry skin. It may help your psoriasis as well. Simmer some burdock root in water 20-25 minutes until a really strong tea is produced. Let it cool and bath your lesions several times each day.

Vitamin E—has been used in many products for the healing of skin. This remedy does not always work for everyone, but you need to give it a try in hopes that you are one of the fortunate ones. Start with 100 I.U of vitamin E, in capsule form. If you don’t start seeing results in a few weeks, then up the dose to 400 I.U. The people who have had success with this remedy see an almost total healing in about a month.

Lecithin—is a fat that all the cells in our body need. It is also used to treat skin disease. People who have taken lecithin to heal their psoriasis took nine capsules a day, three before or after each meal. It takes about three months to see complete results.

Sunshine—is one of the absolute free natural remedies for psoriasis. Put sun block on parts of you body that do not have the rash and give the psoriasis infected skin exposure to the sun for at least 15 minutes. Remember lots of natural sun is good for your psoriasis but not all that great for the rest of your skin.

De-Stress—stress can cause a flare up of psoriasis at the drop of a hat. For some reason people with this disease can go years without an outbreak and something like a death in the family happens and within hours they are covered in itchy flaky skin. Keeping your life stress free when you are running around itching and in discomfort for most of it is not easy. Try and take some positive steps to learn relaxation techniques, they certainly can’t hurt.

Health professionals caution that some people do well with natural remedies for psoriasis and others may get worse using them. The best thing to do is take it one remedy at a time. If you don’t see results with one, then move on to the next until you find the remedy that is right for you. If your skin ever becomes worsened, you should stop applying any topical remedy to the skin and seek the advice of a health professional as soon as possible. Though this is not common as natural remedies are usually safe, it’s still best to be aware in case you have a reaction.

Jedha of is a health and wellness practitioner that has been using natural remedies successfully for over 20 years to treat all types of everyday conditions.

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