Over view of Psoriasis Treatment and ways to Afford it

Psoriasis Treatments And Ways To Afford Them

Psoriasis is a skin problem which affects nearly 2% of the world population. It is a chronic disease which affects the immune systemAffordable Psoriasis Treatment and differs from individual to individual, both in severity and also in the treatment options. Exact cause for the psoriasis not known, but immune system and hereditary factors play a vital role in developing the disease.

Many of the researchers feel that immune system is the main cause for the development of psoriasis. In a healthy person the normal skin cells develops and drops form the body in 25 to 30 days. But in the psoriasis patient the situation is quite different as the skin cells develop very fast i.e., in just 3 to 4 days. Here the cells gather at the surface and mass up, forming the psoriasis gashes. All age groups can be affected by this disease and generally it is more in the age group of 15 to 30 years. It occurs equally in both men and women. One good thing about this is that it’s not contagious.

Truly speaking there is no permanent cure for the psoriasis, you can only control the disease without spreading it to the whole body. The treatment options for the psoriasis vary from person to person and it all depends up on the type of the psoriasis a person is facing. However some of the common treatments available to the patients are,

Topical Treatment: Medication that is applied directly on the skin is known as tropical treatments. These in general include creams, ointments, pastes, and lotions. If your psoriasis is minor then this kind of therapies will control and are helpful for the treatment. Some of the tropical therapies are

  • Moisturisers: Helps to moisturise dry skin. These moisturisers reduces itching, lessen scaling area. These are available in the form of soaps and are useful only if the psoriasis is mild.
  • Steroids: steroids are helpful only on localised lesions. Two types of steroids are available they are weak and strong steroids. If your psoriasis stage is severe then better go for the stronger steroids. These should be strictly used only when prescribed by the doctor.
  • Dithranol therapy: it is applied only on the affected areas of the skin. Rub it gently till it is absorbed. This should be followed according to the instructions of the manufacturing company and it can be discontinued after the recommended time.

Light Therapy: light therapy is also known as photo therapy. In this type of treatment skin is exposed to the various types of ultraviolet light under the supervision of the doctors. Ultraviolet light type A and type B are found in sunlight. This is done when the psoriasis is extreme or reappears after having the tropical medications. This carries side effects hence should be considered before going for this treatment. Different types of phototherapy are like Eximer (UVB), PUVA, and UVB.

Oral or Injected medications: This treatment is given for the patients with severe to moderate conditions. This treatment may cure the psoriasis but has severe side effects. The medicines are in the form of pills, capsules injected or oral. These are never sold directly without the doctor’s prescription. The medicines are Methotrexate, Acitretin, and Etanercept.

As this disease is chronic and lifelong, treatments are also high and expensive. So for the people who are suffering from long time and if need any financial assistance they can join the various insurance programs and also take payday loans from the lenders.

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