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An Overview Of Dead Sea Salt Treatment For Psoriasis

Dead Sea Salt treatment is a new natural cure for psoriasis. Over the last two decades, studies were conducted by the Dead Sea Health Resort in Israel which showed staggering results as evidenced by approximately 60 percent of patients being fully healed from psoriasis with another 36 percent of the patient receiving near clearance or […]

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Why should I meditate?

There are many perfectly good reasons why more and more people in modern, western society are turning to the ancient arts of the east to bring a little relaxation, comfort and perspective to their lives. Modern life is painful, monotonous and incredibly stressful. Many of us simply forget that we are unique, individual organisms and […]

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Strengthen Your Immune System – Using Your Mind!

Ancient healers knew about the mind-body connection; and using mind control to improve health has been around for thousands of years. You can do it too, when you learn a few simple techniques.   Release Stress and Program Yourself for Health   The most effective ways to strengthen immune function is to release stress and […]

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The Best Natural Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that results in the production of excessive skin cells. The white blood cells somehow mistake the regular body cells for pathogens and sends faulty signals to facilitate the speedy growth of skin cells. Though psoriasis is not contagious, it causes a lot of discomfort due to skin inflammation and has […]

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Detoxification Diet For Psoriasis Sufferers

Special Detoxification Diet To Cure Psoriasis Is Recommended The main cause of psoriasis has been proven by numerous studies to be a damaged colon ( ), which, as discovered by John Pagano (chiropractic physician), is caused by too much acid forming food in the diet.  Once the permeability of the colon is increased, undigested […]

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