Detoxification Diet For Psoriasis Sufferers

Special Detoxification Diet To Cure Psoriasis Is Recommended

The main cause of psoriasis has been proven by numerous studies to be a damaged colon ( ), which, as discovered by John Pagano (chiropractic physician), is caused by too much acid forming food in the diet.  Once the permeability of the colon is increased, undigested foods, toxins and yeasts can enter the blood stream. The toxic substances then overload the lymphatic system and liver, and are forced to exit the body through the skin.  As these toxins exit the body through the skin, they are very concentrated, and damaging, and the result is psoriasis.

John Pagano, has been treating psoriasis for years using a protocol he developed,  where he recommends that people eat 70-80% alkaline forming foods, and 20-30% acid forming ones.  For a list of acid forming foods please visit  In general though you could say that fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming, and all animal products, grains, nuts, starches, salt, sugar and drugs are acid forming.  However, it is important to note that certain foods have a much more damaging effect on the bowels, thus leading to a greater chance of developing psoriasis.

Meat for example is acid forming, and so is wholegrain bread, yet meat damages the colon a lot more than bread.  The meat rots Detoxification Dietbefore it gets to the end of the intestines, it contains antibiotics, parasites, blood, and proteins that the body has trouble digesting. All these toxins damage the bowels, and enter the blood stream, thus causing psoriasis.  Wholegrain bread however digests fairly well, and doesn't contain antibiotics, blood or any of the other things that meat has.  So the ideal diet would be a vegan one, consisting of 70-80% alkaline forming foods, and 20-30% acid forming.

It is also important to note that apart from eating mostly alkaline forming foods, Dr.  Pagano, also recommended cutting out nightshades such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers and paprika.

So in short, to heal psoriasis, you need to do so from the inside.  Changing your diet to be more healthy, and also exercising more and changing your lifestyle to be more wholesome will surely lead you onto the road of recovery.

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