Strengthen Your Immune System – Using Your Mind!

Ancient healers knew about the mind-body connection; and using mind control to improve health has been around for thousands ofSilva Method - Meditation years. You can do it too, when you learn a few simple techniques.


Release Stress and Program Yourself for Health


The most effective ways to strengthen immune function is to release stress and program yourself for health. This is done in the alpha brainwave state of light meditation. Conscious functioning while in alpha is central to the Silva Method. In alpha, your mind is open and receptive. It is the state of enhanced learning and intuition, and it is the state where self-programming takes place.


Task #1 is releasing stress. You really can't progress on using your mind to strengthen your immune function while you're stressed. Your immune system will continue to be suppressed if you're tense so it's imperative to relax first. Once you’re in alpha, your brain relaxes and signals the release of calming and healing substances. These counter the effects of stress (which lowers your immune function) and triggers the body’s natural healing capacity.


As little as 15 minutes a day of meditation for deep relaxation is beneficial – if you can swing 30 minutes or more, your body will be well on its way to restoring optimal health. The immune response is activated briefly during times of stress as part of the fight-or-flight response. The problem is, not enough stress release puts a tremendous strain on the body – being on constant red alert from emotional stress overloads the system and chronic stress causes a meltdown in the body’s ability to ward off illness and infection.


Once you're relaxed, you can use several Silva Method techniques to strengthen your immune function. And again, you will be doing these while in the alpha level.


Your intent is to manifest health in the form of strong immune function. Manifesting means bringing an idea from the nonphysical (your thoughts and desires, or your intention) – into the physical. So you are trying to manifest a stronger immune function using the power of your mind, and to do this, you must be relaxed and open.


If you tried setting your intention for perfect health while you’re in the normal waking beta state, your mind will reject it as impossible. Intention is something that can’t be measured or experienced with the senses. It falls outside the known laws of time and space. Intention is using your imagination, words and emotions to create an image and feeling of your desired outcome. But this doesn't work in beta. Any time you think, “I am healthy” and visualize yourself in perfect health when you clearly aren’t healthy at the moment, your logical mind will say, “Stop lying to yourself, look at how sick you are! Quit that silly daydreaming!” So the work of manifesting a stronger immune function or any other health improvement has to be done in a more open and uninhibited state – alpha.


The Silva Method exercises that are most useful for strengthening your immune function are:


1. Headache Control: you can stop a headache in its tracks with Headache Control. Many headaches are caused by stress (in fact, doctors estimate that 90% of headaches are stress-related) so the combination of focused relaxation/stress release and the Headache Control exercise will have you feeling great within minutes – drug free! How does this improve your immune function? First, by creating the "relaxation response" that is essential to your body's repair/regeneration mechanism. And second, by demonstrating to you that your intention can, and does, influence the state of your body.


2. Mirror of the Mind: this visualization exercise helps you see the current situation and your state of health, and then erase that image and create a new image of yourself in perfect health. Visualization is an important component of strengthening the immune function because you have to focus your energy on what you want, not what you want to escape.


3. Mental Screen: the Mental Screen is another visualization technique involving creating a screen onto which your project your ideal scenario. This exercise develops your visualization skills very quickly. In this exercise, you project "what is" onto a mental screen and then modify it to look like "what you want."


4. Glove Anesthesia: this is one of the most amazing exercises you will learn in the Silva Method. You can learn to manage pain by focusing your mind. The ability to focus on what you want – to be pain-free – will help you boost your immune response too. Think about it – the old adage, "what you focus on, expands": is especially obvious when you're talking about pain. The more you think about your pain, the worse you perceive it to be! And the reverse is also true. The less you focus on it, the less you perceive it. Take this as step further and think about how strong your immune system is and how it easily wards off pathogens. Focus your mental and emotional energy on this statement and your immune system will get a huge boost.


Your state of mind directly influences the state of your physical health; of course the reverse is true as well. If you're unwell, it can negatively affect your moods; if you're depressed, you will probably experience physical effects; and if you're healthy, you're generally happy and if you're happy you're generally healthy.


The trick is to learn to control your mind so that you choose your state of mind. The negative energy of depression and fear have a definite effect on your health so you can turn things around quickly by having the right mindset.


"Don't worry, be happy” is more than controlling your moods – it's about feeling good mentally, physically

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