My Child Has Psoriasis, Now What?

What To Do Now That You Know Your Child Has Psoriasis

Alright, the reality has finally set in; my child has psoriasis.  We are no longer thinking, what are the chances my child will get psoriasis. We now start to wonder what is it that I can do as a parent to make the best possible environment for my child to live and grow in.

You have gotten past the questions of, why my kid or what did I do wrong.   Now you are to the point of making the best possible scenario for your child to grow up in and help them lead as normal a life, as she or he can under the circumstances.

Obviously the first variable would be the severity of the psoriasis.  If it is a mild to moderate case of plaque Child has psoriasispsoriasis (which 80 % are), then you have probably already been to your physician or dermatologist and are using some sort of either prescribed or over the counter topical treatments on a regular basis or when they are having a flare up.

When your child has psoriasis, getting them under the natural rays of the sun is always very beneficial for the skin and the psoriasis areas.  This gives the skin the much needed vitamins A and D.  The UVB rays of the sun also slow down the growth cycle of the skin cells, keeping the over development in the psoriatic areas down.  If you live in an area like the North/West or the North/East that does not get as many sunny days as other parts of the country, you may want to look into in-home phototherapy equipment.  Phototherapy is specialized lighting equipment and it is made for pretty much any area of the body that needs attention.

kid has psoriasisAnother area to consider is nutrition.  Is your child getting all the proper vitamins and minerals they need to combat this disorder?  There are many thoughts and avenues you can take on this topic.  The first one and the most basic would be, give them a natural, organic multi-vitamin daily.  Also natural vitamins A and D, along with Omega 3 fish oil.  All of these promote healthy skin and encourage healthy skin growth.  It is also very good for the overall health of your child.

One of the best treatments for psoriasis is their diet.  What are their current eating habits like?  There are different thoughts on this subject and it is one that you will have to talk about and adjust to make it viable to you and your child and their eating habits.

There are groups of people that swear by a no dairy diet.  They have nothing at all to do with anything dairy.  This includes: milk, butter, cheese, ice cream etc.  Dairy is considered by a lot of people to cause all sorts of allergic reactions to the body and some say that their psoriasis has cleared up as a result of not drinking or eating anymore dairy products.

There is a different camp that says “gluten free”.  They claim that by taking out all the processed flours and grains that we have in food supply or diet in our society (USA) is what cause a lot of the toxins in our body and does help promote the outbreaks of psoriasis.  By taking these out of their diets, they too claim to have ridden their selves of more severe outbreaks or have been healed from this disorder.

These are all viable options that have seemed to work for others and something for you to consider when looking into your option of, how best to treat your child now that they have psoriasis.  Remember this is a auto-immune disease and its true cause is still not proven, there does appear to be evidence that one of the reasons psoriasis occurs is because the liver and kidneys cannot get rid of the toxins in the body and they come to the surface of the skin. Just a thought but, getting back to a more natural, less processed diet is maybe not a bad idea.

Last but certainly not least, is stress.  Stress is also known to be one of the triggers for psoriasis to kick in.   It is apparent that keeping the stress level down in your child’s life should also be paramount.  Just having this disorder and having to go to school or out in public is stressful enough without any outside influences in the child’s life.  Keeping them healthy and stress free are the two main keys of keeping this disorder in check.

Learning and teaching you son or daughter how to meditate, get involved in a hobby or a passion like music Child playing Guitarcan be stress relievers in their lives and gives them somewhere and something to fall back on when they may not be able to go out and play baseball, ride bikes or jump rope with the other kids.

We will talk about other types of stress relievers in another edition but for now try and look at psoriasis from the child's perspective and give them all the help you can.  They are looking to you for help.

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