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DermaSolve Psoriasis Cream has helped my psoriasis go away so I can live a normal live free from the embarrassing stares of other people.

DermaSolve CreamDermasolve combines the beneficial and natural nourishment of of egg with Salicylic Acid making it an amazingly affective treatment for Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Dandruff, Topical Dermatitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and excessive dry skin.


DermaSolve is:

  • A Doctor recommended Psoriasis Treatment
  • An Exfoliate for dry, dead Skin build up
  • An anti-inflammatory that will reduce the redness and pain
  • A Psoriasis Treatment for THE WHOLE BODY, Including Face Genital area, Breasts, Buttocks & Scalp
  • Derived from the Egg with 70 plus various vitamins, proteins, and
  • Dermatologist-tested and approved
  • Approved for Children with Psoriass as young as 6 years old


DermaSolve will reduce your pain of dry cracking skin, red blotches, stop the itch, swelling and put you back on the path to a normal, fulfilling life.

DermaSolve uses an advanced new process called "Ovasome Technology".  Ovasome Technology is the scientific process of incorporating natural Egg into topical skincare products. This breakthrough treatment treats the embarrassing symptoms of Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Dandruff, Topical Dermatitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and excessive dry skin.


Dermasolve Products and Body Image

I This is Chris.  I own this website and I personally have psoriasis and have had it since 1991.  Here is what mine looks like on bad days.

This is my left knee and right elbow .  I have psoriasis on my knees elbows, torso, back, hands and scalp.

Left KneePAsoriasis ElbowSo for over 20 years and have tried a ton of different products and to be totally honest with you the only thing that really helps keep my psoriasis down to where it actually goes away is to use prescription drugs.

Things like steroids, cyclosporine, methotrexate sodium Inhibitor, etc… which are not good for you when you use them for a long period of time.  They can cause thinning of the skin and who knows what else to your system.  Steroids or any man-made substance put into the body for any amount of time is just not natural and not good for you long term.

I do of course try and eat right and take care of my body.  Good foods and lots of water, keep the toxins out of my system.  No drinking alcohol, smoking or bad foods (I am not sold on the vegan or glutten free diets but that is a discussion for another time and I probably could be convinced but I am in denial.  I like my food).

But I do use DermaSolve Cream and the other Dermasolve Products as an alternate medication to help my psorisis and find that it works very well for me.  It moisturizes my skin, keeps the psoriasis from flaring up with the natural egg (Ovasome Technology) and the salicylic acid.

I am being honest with you I do not use it all the time. I do get flare ups and have to go back to the prescription drugs.  But you know as well as I do, if you have psoriasis.  No two people are the same, and not everything works the same, on everyone with psorisis.  You have to find out what works best for you.

My Knee Before and After using DermasolveMy elbow before and after using DermasolveI recommend giving this a try.  It is a great alternative,  an over the counter treatment,  that works for me when I am not taking my prescription medication.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.


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