Individuals With Psoriasis Can Still Take Advantage of Spa Services

When it comes to psoriasis you will find plenty of information about makeup solutions and treatments. But when it comes to practical Massage ansd Psoriasisadvice about living with psoriasis, information is a bit scarce. It’s the small details that end up impacting the daily lives of those with psoriasis. This is particularly important when it comes to getting massages, haircuts, spa treatment or any other hands-on service where someone is touching your skin. Any individual living with psoriasis should feel just as confident when seeking out these services as anybody else. An individual living with psoriasis should not have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when looking for beauty services, so here are some tips to help in your searches.

Recognize Who You Are Working With

It’s easy to think that someone you’ve never met before would be uncomfortable with a condition like psoriasis, but professionals in the beauty industry are a lot more receptive than you would think. After all, they are professionals. There’s a good chance that they have seen just about everything: eczema, psoriasis and moles. So you have nothing to be concerned about. You wouldn’t believe the number of professionals I’ve had cut my hair who immediately will see my scalp and say, “Oh, you have psoriasis,” before I even tell them. What surprises me even more is when they say, “I have a great shampoo that will help calm your psoriasis.” Recognizing that beauty professionals are there to help you feel relaxed and good about yourself is the first step to finding comfort in their services.

Be Honest, Even if it’s Hard

If the service you are receiving will require the professional to expose or touch your psoriasis, mention it to the professional in a very nonchalant manner. For example, when getting a haircut I say, “I would like a two guard on my side burns. Oh, and I have psoriasis, so the skin behind my ear is a little red, but it’s nothing serious or contagious.” More often than not I hear back, “Don’t worry about it, I have a lot of clients with psoriasis.” Its small moments of strength like this that can help you become more confident with your condition.

Go to Medically-Oriented Establishments

When it comes to seeking out massages or spa treatments, there is a difference between a masseur and a licensed massage therapist. There are several establishments that have staff who have a form of certification, making them more aware of medical conditions than a masseur. Going to places, like massage clinics, lowers the chances of the massage professional hesitating with your condition.

Become a Regular

Once you have explained your psoriasis to one beauty professional, you rarely ever have to mention it again. So once you’ve found a hair salon, massage clinic or spa that you enjoy, request the same professional so that you can forget about any self-consciousness you may normally feel. For two years I went to the same massage therapist. She was familiar with my condition and I rarely had to speak about it with her. She would massage right over any patches of psoriasis without hesitation and that freedom was incredible, because I never had to think twice about my condition.

When you are someone living with psoriasis, the devil is always in the details of everyday life. Hopefully, following these tips when seeking out beauty services can help you start feeling less self-conscious and more beautiful.

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