What Is UV Treatment For Psoriasis?

There are different names for this light therapy or photo therapy or UV therapy and they are all UV treatments for psoriasis.  Using this treatment on a regular basis does work well for some sufferers.  For the most part this done UV treatment for psoriasisunder the care of your doctor or dermatologist but with the new devices being made, home units are available and you can do it right from home. Best practice for this treatment is to have a schedule and stick to it.

Which UV treatment for my psoriasis is best for me Ultra violet A or B?

UVB is the type of light you want and need and  is naturally in the sunlight  It is one of the best treatments for your skin. UV light and vitamin D soak into your skin gradually and decelerates the growth cycle of the skin, making your skin healthier looking. If you don't have sunny days and Instead of doing this at the light therapy clinic you can now do this in the comfort and privacy of your bathroom.

UVB therapy now comes in two different types. You can get it in a broad band or a narrow band targeting small patches.  Test are showing that the narrow band treatment is more focused to the infected areas of your psoriasis and clear up this area faster then the broad band treatment. You need less session with the narrow band because it is targeted to a smaller area. Studies have shown that your psoriasis will probably get worse before you see improvement. This is only what looks like a minor setback, continued photo therapy will increase the improvement of you psoriatic condition.

You can always use systemic medication along with UV treatment for psoriasis. This can improve your healing process substantially but should be done carefully. Systemic treatments make your skin more susceptible to the sunlight and you could burn. Best news is, less treatment and great results. Being the devils advocate you are always taking the chance of negative side effects from the drugs.

UVB Therapy From the Comfort of Home

Because you do need a prescription to purchase your own personal unit and bill the insurance company, you will

New Psoriasis Treatmnetprobably start the procedure at the medical facility and then progress to doing it at home. Your UVB therapy depends on you doing it on a consistent basis. Remember to continue to see your Dr. until it is in remission. Over doing it and hurting yourself more is not the objective here.

If you have a case of psoriasis that you are having trouble getting under control, this is the next step in you healing process.  See the Doctor, get script and then visit some of the home UV therapy sites like this one and you will be all set to treat yourself from the comfort of your home

Sunshine All Day long.

The sun has both A and B ultra violet rays and the sun contains vitamin D. These are great for you skin in light doses. Ultra violet B not A is the good ray for our psoriatic skin and like most things in this world need to done in moderation. If you are fortunate enough to live in a area with a lot of sunshine you can set yourself on a daily regiment of pure UVB and vitamin D therapy and be so much better for it! Schedule yourself for the first week at 5-10 minutes per side and ad a few minutes each week.

Always keep in mind that you are not to burn, you are looking to get the UV treatment for psoriasis. Just this treatment alone you will see a much happier and healthier skin.

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