Vaginal Psoriasis There Is Hope

How To Treat Vaginal Psoriasis

Inverse Psoriasis is also called Flexural Psoriasis and is a medical term to describe vaginal psoriasis. Vaginal psoriasisThis type of psoriasis can dwell in the folds and creases in the skin.  Because the vaginal area is dark, moist, and warm most of the time it is the perfect place for psoriasis to live.  Vaginal psoriasis doesn't only refer to the vagina, it can refer to the entire female genital region and can include the pubic area. It can affect any creases from the thigh down to the groin as well as the vulva.

Vaginal psoriasis can also affect the buttock creases and the anal area.  In extreme vaginal psoriasis cases it can enter into the inner part of the vaginal area.

Vaginal psoriasis can be discovered by smooth patches that are red in color.  They could also be small red dots or they can have a cracked skin appearance.  Patches may include both red and white color to them as well.  As soon as vaginal psoriasis is noticed, treatment must begin immediately to prevent the case from becoming worse.

Tight fitting clothing will make the symptoms more intense so it is time to stop wearing those tight fitting jeans and try loose clothing instead.  When tight clothing is worn as you walk, the fabric can cause friction on the skin or sweating can also make the condition worse.  Soreness as well as itching may be a problem.

As vaginal psoriasis progresses it can be very itchy however the worse thing you can do is scratch so it is important that you stop scratching.  Continued scratching can not only cause further irritation but if you continue rubbing and scratching the skin can become thickened. The medical term for this is Lichenification.

Only wear underwear that is all cotton.  The cotton material will allow the vaginal area to breathe and it will keep the sweat directly off the vaginal area allowing the vaginal psoriasis to heal.  Do not worry about silky underwear or thongs right now; you will only make the symptoms worse.
Treatment for vaginal psoriasis can vary. Many times if you go to the doctor for vaginal itching and redness it will be most likely diagnosed as a yeast infection and a cream will be prescribed for treatment. If after using this cream, the itching doesn't stop, your doctor will investigate further to see if it is vaginal psoriasis.

There are over-the-counter psoriasis treatments that you can pick up at your local pharmacy for relief.  One of these medications is hydrocortisone cream.  This type of cream is to be used externally only and should only be used for a short period of time.  Using it for long periods of time can cause thinning of the skin.

Your doctor may also recommend immunosuppressant medication for the more severe cases of vaginal psoriasis.  This medication is by prescription only and should be considered the last resort for treatment of vaginal psoriasis.  When symptoms become too intense you may need to use a combination of treatments available both over-the-counter and by prescription to overcome the psoriasis.

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