What To Look For In Natural Arthritis Supplements

If you're looking for information about natural arthritis supplements and wondering which to buy, there are Natural Arthritis Supplimentssome things that you should keep in mind in order to make a good decision.

In particular, there are two things that need to be addressed to successfully provide relief from arthritis — reduction of inflammation and rebuilding of joint cartilage.  You'll discover that most supplements can do one thing but not the other. Hence, you may find yourself having to take more supplements than expected.

When choosing a natural arthritis supplement, you also need to take into  consideration how serious your arthritis is. That is, what stage it's progressed to.

It's worthwhile to note that green lipped mussel extract is a supplement that contains nutrients that are able to both alleviate inflammation and improve the condition of your joints.  These key nutrients are omega 3 fatty acids, especially a rare form of omega 3 fatty acid called Eicosatetraenoic Acid (ETA), and glycosaminoglycans.

The omega 3 fatty acids have been scientifically proven to have remarkable inflammation fighting capabilities. They actually inhibit the production of inflammatory compounds in the body, while the glycosaminoglycans are used by the body to make and repair joint cartilage.

However, the mussel extract is most beneficial for treating stage I and II arthritis. If your arthritis has progressed beyond that, you many need to also take another supplement that contains a combination of targeted ingredients in order to boost the results.

Natural Arthritis SupplimentsIf you do decide to try a green lipped mussel supplement, it's important that you have a look at the ingredients used as well as the manufacturing process.  Some manufacturers keep costs low by using inferior quality mussels.  They also steam the shells open to get them out, thus destroying the nutrients. The mussels are also prone to oxidizing very quickly. This means that chemical stabilizers will have to be added to preserve them if the extraction process is lengthy.

Fish oils are also high in omega 3 fatty acids and are also helpful in reducing inflammation. Many people take them along with green lipped mussel extract to boost the inflammation fighting capabilities. However, again, it's also important to look at the type of fish used (mercury is a risk) and how it was processed.

Another thing you can do is consider modifying your diet and eating foods that can lower inflammation.

Discover more about the best natural arthritis supplements for your health in this article.

Sharell Cook is a freelance writer and researcher, with a special interest in the natural health niche.

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