Why should I meditate?

There are many perfectly good reasons why more and more people in modern, western society are turning to the ancient arts of theMeditation, Why Should I? east to bring a little relaxation, comfort and perspective to their lives. Modern life is painful, monotonous and incredibly stressful. Many of us simply forget that we are unique, individual organisms and feel as though we are part of some huge, soulless machine which leaves us feeling exhausted and dehumanized – meditation is one practice which can massively help with readdressing this imbalance of body and mind.

There are many problems which can come from overworking yourself, and there seems to be a story in the news almost every day about people suffering from the effects of stress. Stress is now a major cause of heart problems, circulation difficulty and all sorts of organ failures – and yet it seems so many people are overlooking a simple and highly effective way of combatting the effects of stress on the body and mind. So, if you are looking for a reason to meditate, then your physical health and mental well being should be fairly high on your list.


Easier than you may think


Meditation isnt as difficult as it is sometimes presented as being. Of course, if you are looking to become an advanced yogi-type character who possesses some psychic abilities, then you had better be prepared for many years of dedication, patience and concentration. However, for the vast majority of us, meditation is not to be used for attaining mystic properties, but for taking some time each day to retreat from the world around us and relax our bodies and minds. Make no mistake about it – meditation is incredibly effective at improving our general well being simply by allowing us to exit the material world for some time, to reset our minds and bodies, and float away on our inner selves, without cares or worries or stresses getting in the way.

For those of you who are just getting started with meditation, it is highly likely that you are struggling somewhat with achieving a deep state of relaxation. This is perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with you and nothing to suggest that you are unable to attain a meditative state. Most people have to practice regularly with their breathing and concentration or visualization exercises before they can really detach themselves and find a true sense of inner peace – but it certainly doesnt have to be difficult, and there is no reason why you should become unhappy or frustrated with your progress. One of the great joys of meditation is the journey there, not necessarily the end result. Even by trying, you are still taking time out to relax, breathe and let go of the outside world.


Using meditative music


For those of you who are struggling, you simply need to find a different method. Thankfully, there are many, many ways of achieving a meditative state – and one of the most popular (and possibly the simplest) around nowadays is the use of meditative music. Meditative music is specially engineered audio tracks which ease you into a meditative state with the use of highly complex yet soothing, relaxing sounds which can really help cut off the outside world and contain you in a safe, relaxing bubble. Many people have reported fantastic results from the use of meditative music – if you need some help, it could be well worth your time trying it out.

Interested to try some really good meditation music? Download the free Omharmonics binaural beats track from here  and enjoy your first meditation. 

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